Lancaster PA Towns

Lancaster PA TownsLancaster County, PA often referred to as the Amish Country is known around the country and perhaps the world as the primary home of the Amish in the USA. What’s not so well known is how beautiful our county is and what a great place it is to live. Lancaster County has a long history and was even capital of the USA for a brief Period, during the revolution and was the home of President James Buchanan.

Until the 1960’s Lancaster was primarily a farming community with beautiful fields of rolling crops as far as the eye could see unless you where in one of the cities like Lancaster, Ephrata, Lititz, Columbia and Millersville. Today many of the farms have long been replaced by beautiful new communities of houses. Driving through the county one may wonder how so many well to do people could be congregated inside the Lancaster area? With easy access to the turnpike, route 30 and route 222 Lancaster county has become a bedroom community for workers of suburban area of Philadelphia like King of Prussia and Valley Forge with their higher costs of living and even Baltimore Maryland and Washington, DC.