Lancaster County PA Home selling basics

Lancaster County PA Home selling basicsHere below are some of the basics you should consider when selling your Lancaster County PA home.

Select a reputable Lancaster County PA Realtor®, meet with them and discuss your goals for selling your house. Agree to list only with a Realtor® you feel comfortable working with, you’ll have many dealings with them on the way to the closing table and they will be negotiating on your behalf with potential buyers or buyers Realtors®.

Talk to your Lancaster County PA Realtor® about how they plan to promote the quick sale of your Lancaster County PA home. Of course they’ll list it on the Lancaster County PA MLS, will they have an open house for other Lancaster County PA Realtors? Will they advertise it in the Lancaster County PA news paper? Lancaster County PA real estate magazines? Will they have open houses for buyers? All of this should be discussed before agreeing to list your home. Agree who will pay for the ads up front. How long before open houses will be run. What they plan to do if your home has been on the market more than 1 month and still hasn’t sold. For two months, etc.

Have your selected Lancaster County PA Realtor® prepare a comparative home valuation for your home to establish a reasonable target selling price. Remember you can always start at a higher price and eventually reduce it or negotiate down with a buyer, but don’t forget that there is normally only one reason a property won’t sell, price!

Prepare your home for sale by cleaning it from top to bottom. Make it shine! You want to make the best first impression possible on buyers. Get rid of clutter even in the the garage, closets, basement and attic. Rent a storage locker if needed. Consider Staging your home in preparation for showings. Your house should look its very best in order to sell quickly and for the maximum price possible.

Keep your home clean and in order at all times, once your home is listed you may get a call from a Realtor® who is just down the street that wants to show your house in 30 minutes. You can decline this type of last minute request. You can require 24 hours notice for showings, but don’t forget you are the seller and you’re most likely better off with a bit of inconvenience during this time if you want to sell quickly. Think about it, the ideal buyer maybe from out of town. Just here for the day to select a new home. If you require 24 hours notice you may shut out allot of relocating buyers.

Prepare yourself for negotiations. Know how much flexibility you have on price. Are you willing to leave your washer and dryer for the new owner. You child’s swing set? When an offer comes in you’ll have a limited time, usually 48 hours, to respond and your response may make or break the deal. Know up front what you limitations are and you’ll find it easier to stand by them.

Once you have accepted an offer and signed an agreement in which the buyer requested home inspections, you’ll need to accommodate the inspectors visits and if possible be present to discuss any questionable issues needed with the inspector.

Having passed through the inspection phase you’re almost at the closing table. On the other hand the buyer must order an appraisal, secure a mortgage approval and prepare down payment funds.

Remember your Lancaster County PA Realtor® should be an expert and should be available to answer any questions you have along the way. Contact s Lancaster, PA Realtor found here for assistance.