To Buy or Rent

Should you buy a Lancaster County, PA home or rent a Lancaster, PA House?

To Buy or Rent

Why buy Lancaster County, PA homes?

The advantages of buying a Lancaster County, PA home when compared to renting a home are many:

Owning a house compared to renting offers you some financial advantages like tax savings and appreciation and provides a place you can truly call home. When you own a home you maintain the property and as the owner you are free to do with it as you please!

In most cases, the money a renter spends on rent can be about the same or less than the amount a homeowner spends on a mortgage. However when you consider the tax deductions and the many benefits you get when owning your own home, the real savings often are considerable.

A monthly mortgage payment in many cases is fixed for the life of the loan, while your monthly rent may increase at your landlords will or at minimum along with inflation.

New home buyers should also consider appreciation (the dollar value increase in your home value over time). Over the life of your home ownership your new home may appreciate tens of thousands of dollars which will be yours when you eventually sell!

Landlords take part of your monthly rent payment to pay their mortgage along with all of the other expenses they incur in maintaining your rental. Don’t forget they rent in order to make a profit including eventual property appreciation they will gain when the resell the home or apartment.

If you purchase a home you pay the expenses incurred to maintain your home. You also gain in tax savings and property appreciation.

To rent or to buy a home is a difficult question. If you‘re ready to own your home the benefits will be rewarding.

The Internal Revenue Service allows home owners to deduct mortgage interest, property taxes and some of the other expenses incurred in owning your home when filling their annual tax returns. Home owners also have a tax benefit when they sell their homes: the current tax law, allows, in certain cases the exclusion from taxable income of up to $250,000/person in capital gain realized from the sale or exchange of property used as a primary residence.

With the tame climate in this area, you definitely will want to surround your home with greenery and whatever satisfies your personal taste, as most do. Not to mention, with all of the opportunities and excitement our area has to offer (as described in the Lancaster County relocation page), this is surely a place you won’t want to be leaving anytime soon.

We invite you to check out our listings, and if you are not familiar with the area, come and spend some time here. Our area is very affordable as well as attractive and well-maintained. As opposed to a lot of other cities, the majority of people who live and are educated here stay, keeping communities strong and ensuring new members that their warm welcome is one that will last.