Solanco School District Homes for Sale

Solanco School District Homes for Sale

Solanco School District Real Estate

As the name implies, derived from the first letters of the Southern lancaster County, Solanco School District occupies the Southern most portion of Lancaster County. Bordered by Penn Manor to the west and Octarara to the east, Solanco School district occupies the largest portion of the County, more than any other school district.

Mostly composed of gently rolling hills and farm land Solanco is very rural. Some small towns like Quaryville, PA have neighborhoods of homes, mostly constructed in the mid to late 1900’s. Amongst the farms and wooded hill sides you’ll find some single family homes and some trailers on lots by themselves.

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Solanco School District

Solanco School District is made of of these areas of Lancaster, County: Providence Township, Eden Township, Quarryville Borough, Little Britain Township, Bart Township, Colerain Township,
Drumore Township, East Drumore Township and Fulton Township.

Solanco School District consists of these schools: Quarryville Elementary School, Providence Elementary School, Bart-Colerain Elementary School, Clermont Elementary School, George A. Smith Middle School, Swift Middle School and Solanco High School.

History of Solanco

Quarryville, PA located near the passing on what was once called the Steam and Electric roads which passed through Lancaster County. Named for the quarrying of limestone that went on in the area fostered by farmers need to improve the poor soil in the towns vicinity by applying burnt limestone to the soils surface.

Quarryville didn’t receive it’s name until 1837, previously known as Barr’s Quarries.

Solanco School District Website

Solanco High School
585 Solanco Road
Quarryville, PA 17566-9615
(717) 786-2151