Manheim Township School District Homes for Sale

Manheim Township School District Homes for Sale

Manheim Township School District Real Estate

Real estate in Manheim Township varies greatly in the Township. Farms with production of corn, wheat and tobacco and others with livestock from cows to chickens which were once the dominant local occupants still litter the undeveloped land. Small row homes built in the 18th and early 19th centuries can be found near the Conestoga creek (River). New housing grew tremendously in the 60’s and 70’s when the baby boomers where buying their first homes as can be witnessed by large middle class housing developments like Bloomingdale and North brook Hills. Today new construction continues with new townhomes in Neffsville Single family homes in Lititz and luxury single family homes and large mansions can be found in Wetherburn, Stone Henge and Bent Creek Country Club built on developed farmland off Fuitville pike which began in the 1980’s. Zillow reports the mid price for all housing in the township at $216,500.

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Manheim Township, PA is amongst the fastest growing suburban townships in Lancaster, County. According to the US Census study of 2000 there were a total of 33,697 residents. Manheim Township Community day is celebrated annually on the first Saturday following Labor Day. A Bi monthly newsletter is published to township residents detailing happenings in the township and programs offered by the Manheim Township Parks and Recreation Department which organizes learning and sports programs for residents from youth to retirement ages.

Manheim Township School District

Located almost in the center of Lancaster County, Manheim Township is bordered by Lancaster city to the south, East Hempfield to the west, East lampeter and Leacock to the east and Penn and Warwick Townships to the north.

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Manheim Township has its own school district comprised of a high school and Middle school located on School Road in Lancaster, Neff 6th grade, Brecht Elementary, Bucher Elementary, Neff Elementary, Nitrauer Elementary, Reidenbaugh Elementay and Schaeffer Elementary Schools.

Manheim Township School District website

Manheim Township, PA website

Manheim Township Offices
Municipal Building
1840 Municipal Drive
Lancaster, PA 17601

Phone: 717-569-6406
Fax: 717-560-4183
Emergency     911
Police     569-6401

Manheim Township School District has a website you can visit at

Manheim Township High School
2929 Lititz Pike
Lancaster, PA 15219
(717) 560-3097