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Staging your Lancaster, PA Home For Sale

PA Home For Sale

Is it worthwhile to stage your Lancaster County, PA home for sale?

If you watch any of the home flipping, home selling shows that have been on A&E, Discovery or The Learning Channel in recent years you know the answer is yes. While your home is more than likely your idea of the ideal place to live, furnished and decorated to suit your personal style, an objective home seller will step back and try to view the home from an outside buyers point of view. Every potential home buyer will have their own sense of style. And guess what, it’s probably different from yours which is only natural.

Staging, if needed, can make the difference between your house sitting unsold for months or selling quickly at a high price. A small investment of your time and money pre sale can make a big difference in the time to close and selling price.

Have you ever viewed homes with a RealtorĀ® who couldn’t refrain from signs of disappointment when visiting a home that has every room painted in different colors? You may like the array of colors selected by the current home owner, or perhaps you would see the home in a better light if the houses interior walls were all white. Remember you want prospective buyers to be envisioning how nice their life style will be in their new digs, not how they need to paint all the walls as soon as they close.

Staging your home can be a simple affair of removing some furnishings and de cluttering over crowded rooms, putting fresh flowers and plants around for showing days. Having the house well lit during showings with curtains open and lights on. And setting the heating or air conditioning to comfortable settings.

More complex staging’s may require home repair technicians, painters and even landscapers to give your home the needed boost for a best appearance. If you’ve lived in your home for a long time and not repainted the walls, painting pre sale can make your rooms and house have that brand new look that really impresses buyers.

Remember, first impressions are critical. When a potential buyer first sees your home they form an opinion immediately that sets the tone for the rest of the viewing. If they get a great impression from the street or when they walk in to your foyer it will help carry them through the rest of the house. bad first impressions may be difficult to overcome no matter how nice the rest of the home may be.

We would be pleased to offer our opinions as to what may need to be done in order to stage your home to your best advantage and even refer a professional home stager if needed. Contact a Lancaster, PA Real Estate Agent Today!