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Ephrata, PA History and Location

Ephrata, northwest of Lancaster City, was founded in 1732 by Conrad Beissel. He was banished from his homeland, Eberbach am Neckar, Germany, for practicing Pietism, a non- sanctioned religion. By 1720, he’d decided to immigrate to Pennsylvania, where William Penn’s policies offered freedom of religion.

In 1724, Beissel was appointed leader of the Conestoga Brethren Congregation; however, his radical ideas of Saturday worship and the practice of celibacy caused a split within the congregation. He withdrew from the church and ultimately formed a communal society, in the Cocalico region, based on his teachings. This became known as the Ephrata Cloister. Beissel and his followers led quiet lives of prayer and charity. There were three orders. Two of the orders, a brotherhood and a sisterhood, practiced celibacy. A third order consisted of married couples who supported Cloister activities.

After Beissel’s death in 1768, the society rapidly declined and by 1814, the remaining members formed the German Seventh Day Baptist Church. In time, the Church members living at the Cloister found themselves in conflict over the future of the site and its artifacts. They had a legal battle, which ended in a revocation by the court system, of the incorporation charter for the Church at Ephrata. The property was put into receivership and sold to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania in 1941.

Today the site has been fully restored and is a National Historic Landmark. There are guided tours, self-tours, special programs and events, and nicely appointed picnic areas.

If you’re looking for more history, there is the Eicher Arts Center, which occupies the Conrad Beissel House. You can view the old Ephrata Hospital from Main Street or take in a movie at the Main Theater which opened in 1938 and was restored in 1993. Another interesting landmark is The Mountain Springs Hotel, which was built in 1848 and is located on Main Street. It became one of the most popular mineral springs resorts in eastern Pennsylvania. Unfortunately, it was torn down in 2004, after having been unoccupied for a long period of time; however, a small portion was preserved and renovated to be used as a conference center and potentially a museum.

Ephrata boasts some unique shopping experiences. Doneckers, founded 45 years ago, offers a high end clothing store, fine furniture shopping, inns, and a renowned restaurant. Another unique experience is The Green Dragon Market. Opened in 1932, this farmers market offers over 400 local grocers, merchants, and craftsmen. It is one of the largest farmers markets in the area and is located on a thirty acre site with indoor and outdoor shopping on Fridays, all year long.

Ephrata is also noted for the Ephrata Fair, which has become the largest street fair in Pennsylvania. It began, in 1919, as a one-day festivity organized by local businessmen to commemorate World War I veterans. It is now held for five days every September.

There are several appealing places to dine, including: Doneckers-The Restaurant, Lily’s on Main, the Cloister Restaurant, The Hilltop Inn, and The Olde Lincoln House.

There are seven public schools in Ephrata: Ephrata Senior High School, Ephrata Middle School, four elementary schools, and one intermediate school. In addition to the public schools there are twenty private schools, mostly parochial and Mennonite.

Ephrata, PA Real Estate and Homes for Sale

The real estate pricing for the area starts around $139,000 and goes up to over $400,000. The average single family home lists for $254,563 and the median sales price is $169,000. Townhomes start around $115,000 and go up to $299,000. Ephrata has grown significantly since its founding; however, it still remains a wonderful treasure trove of historical significance.