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Littitz, PA Location and History

Lititz is located north of Lancaster City and is intersected by Route 501. As of a 2000 census there were 9029 people living in Lititz.

Lititz was settled by Moravians as early as the 1740’s. It was then incorporated by 1756. Trying to elude persecution; these settlers made their way over from Bohemia and Moravia, now the Czech Republic, to Saxony, Germany, where their missionary work brought them to the “colonies”. They settled in the Warwick Township, Pennsylvania area and named their settlement, Lititz

For over a century, only Moravians were permitted to live in Lititz under a very strict set of rules and regulations. Only members of the congregation could own their own houses, others were only allowed to lease. This system ended in 1856, no longer having any community support.

In 1759, The Brethren’s house was built and was used as a hospital during the American Revolution and a number of soldiers were buried in Lititz. In 1746 the Moravians founded the Linden Hall School, the oldest running all-girls school in the United States. It is located next to the Moravian Church on 47 acres of land.

A town tradition since 1813, Lititz has the longest continuous-running celebration of Independence Day. The town is typically shut down to traffic, due to the large volume of tourists and former Lititz residents. There is the Queen of Candles pageant; in which 7000 candles are illuminated, a baby parade, and a high-tech fireworks display.

Littitz, Pennsylvania Attractions

Some of the town’s special attractions are The Wilbur Chocolate Factory, The Sturgis Pretzel House, Lititz Springs Park, The Train Station/Welcome Center, The General Sutter Inn, Moravian Church Square, Sturgis Pretzel House and unique shops and stores on and nearby the main street.

In 1865 Mr. H.O. Wilbur was offered the opportunity to enter into the confectionery business with Samuel Croft. They became partners and started their first business in Philadelphia, PA. As the business grew, more factories were built, including one in Lititz, Pennsylvania and one in Newark, New Jersey.  Wilbur Chocolate Company continues to grow; acquiring Omnisweet and Peter’s Chocolate in 2002. The Lititz plant is still in operation and offers a museum tour depicting the history of chocolate making and a store for consumers to buy and enjoy the Wilbur products.

Julius Sturgis ran a bread bakery in Lititz, Pennsylvania in 1850. There is reputed to be a legend behind the origins of his pretzel business. One day a hobo riding on a train; which ran behind Sturgis’s bakery, decided to get off near Sturgis’s bakery and followed the fresh baked bread smell. He was looking for a job and something to eat. Julius didn’t have work; however, he offered him a meal with his family. The man was touched by his kindness and offered Julius a pretzel recipe. The pretzels were a hit with his family and he decided to add pretzel making to his business. Today, Sturgis Pretzels is still in business in Reading, Pennsylvania, and the original Lititz location is now an interactive experience where tourists can visit and make their own pretzels by hand; the way Julius Sturgis made them.

After the town rules were abolished in 1856, the town opened up to all religious persuasions. The town took the current Inn, built in 1764, and built around it to make the the Zum Anker Inn. It was designed and built to provide entertainment and lodging for new people coming into town. The Inn then became the Lititz Springs Hotel, and in 1930 was changed to The General Sutter Inn. This name was to honor John Augustus Sutter, a California Gold Rush pioneer, who lived his last seven years in Lititz.

Littitz, PA Shopping

The shopping in Lititz, includes a few very nice shopping complexes, as well as many wonderful quaint shops along the Main St. and other areas of town. It is a wonderful place to spend an evening strolling with your loved ones or friends, looking for a unique purchase, a special gift, or just enjoy window shopping.

The town has taken great care to preserve its history. There are many homes and buildings still standing today; dating back to its inception. The Speedwell Forge Bed and Breakfast built in 1760, is just one of the many Bed and Breakfasts to choose from, with this rich history.

Littitz, PA Restaurants

Lititz features many dining out choices including: The General Sutter Inn, Café Chocolate of Lititz, Fiorentinos, Family Cupboard Restaurant and Buffet, and Creations Café and Tea Room.

Littitz, PA Schools

There are seven public schools including: Warwick High School, Warwick Middle School, John Beck Elementary, John R. Bonfield Elementary, Kissel Hill Elementary, Reidenbaugh Elementary and Lititz Elementary. The private schools include: Airport View Parochial Mennonite, Fairland Road Amish School, Lime Rock School, Linden Hall for Girls, Lititz area Mennonite School, Lititz Christian School, Middle Creek Parochial School, and New Haven Mennonite School.

Littitz, PA Real Estate & Homes for Sale

Lititz has a variety of neighborhoods. Many of the newer housing developments are designed for upscale living. Some of these neighborhoods include Penns Crossing, Wetherburn, Millpond, and Stonehenge. These houses start at $350,000 and go up to over $3,000,000. In older more established neighborhoods the starting price is around $129,000, and if you’re shopping for an historic property be prepared to shop in the $500,000 to $1,000,000 range.